Stand-alone cooling solutions

For pharmaceuticals, perishable goods or technical equipment

Our solar-powered refrigerated containers are ideal as self-sufficient solutions for medicine, perishable goods or technical equipment. Our systems are in use 24/7 and have been developed especially for operation at high ambient temperatures of up to 52°C. All applications are supplied exclusively with photovoltaic and wind generators. Through the integration of special energy storage systems, the cooling of the solar-powered refrigerated container remains active even without sunshine thus the stored goods or products remain cool or frozen.

The solar refrigerated containers have outer walls made of steel and an internal special thermal insulation system (insulation with double coating in a food-safe surface) for an extra low heat transfer coefficient. Due to their shape, the containers can easily be transported by ship or helicopter and can therefore be placed flexibly. Our solar-powered refrigerated containers are used worldwide. Are you interested in our innovative cooling solutions? Contact us today!

Innovative refrigerated containers

The components of our solar refrigerated containers

  • 40 Foot High Cube Reefer Container
  • Shady, high-quality photovoltaic modules mounted on containers
  • Separate energy container with integrated air conditioning system for long service life of inverters and batteries
  • Outer walls made of steel, self-supporting
  • Inside stainless steel and aluminum for easy cleaning or with powder coating
  • Internal capacity 65 m³
  • Aluminum T-floor for good cold air distribution
  • Goods sluices for low cold losses during storage and retrieval
  • Strip curtains for subdivision into different temperature zones
  • Water filtration with UV sterilization and pressure increase for cleaning and process water
  • Food-safe storage systems such as shelves, large containers or roller containers
  • Stainless steel work tables for hygienic order picking of foodstuffs
  • Lighting and sockets in damp room design
  • Exterior lighting
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Automatic defrost for heat exchangers with condensate drain to the outside
  • Temperature, humidity and air exchange adjustable
  • Data recorder for seamless tracking of the cold chain
Lithium Stromspeicher

Areas of application

Versatile cooling solutions

  • Cold storage of medicine or vaccines in remote areas
  • Storage of perishable goods to support the cooling
  • Freezing or deep-freezing of vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, etc
  • Cooling of telecommunications equipment
  • Mobile systems for disaster relief and humanitarian aid
  • Integration of cold stores into existing infrastructures, e.g. hospitals
  • For restaurants, chemical industry, hotels, agriculture, etc.

Versions of our cooling solutions

Different sizes for individual requirements

Version Cooling capacity Hold Cold
EK Cool Power 1 1300 kg 40t
EK Cool Power 3 3900 kg 120t
EK Cool Power 5 6500 kg 200t
EK Cool Power 10 13000 kg 400t

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