Photovoltaics for car dealerships

Produce your own electricity comfortably

Generate electricity for your car dealership with a photovoltaic system! Your own solar electricity is cheaper than electricity from the public grid. Modern modular power storage systems optimize and complement your own consumption. Take your car dealership on the road to electromobility and provide suitable electricity infrastructure for your customers.

Produce cheap solar power independently and use the advantages of commercial storage facilities to absorb peak loads, distribute your power requirements during the day and, for example, charge your customers’ vehicles in the evening. Save or minimize the investment costs for larger transformers of the grid connection points that you need for a fast charging facility for multiple vehicles.

Lithium Stromspeicher

Advantages of a photovoltaic system for your car dealership

Operation and investment in a photovoltaic system with electricity storage are secured in the long term by the persistent durability and reliability “Made in Germany”. Further you can rely on intelligent power management, which includes the energy storage units, to achieve the highest possible share of your own consumption. This reduces further electricity procurement costs, makes you less dependent on your energy supplier and less susceptible to future electricity price increases.

Additionally, surrounding office buildings, warehouses and even carports are ideally suited to using the sun to either produce more electricity for their own use or to feed it into the public power grid and thus receive an additional feed-in revenue. Through government subsidies or low-cost loans, solar power systems can count on a large share of borrowed capital, even with 100 % debt financing. Besides this it may be possible to apply for a storage subsidy for your location. In addition, falling prices for solar modules also have a positive effect on the profit of the system. As an alternative, we can aoffer you to rent your available roof surfaces.

Innovative Energie-Konzepte: Photovoltaikanlage

Great service and many other benefits

From the initial design and financing to the installation of the solar system, we will cover the complete work. Of course, we will take care of the maintenance and ensure the smooth operation of the PV system. If requested, we can then offer you solar power at a reasonable price for the kilowatt hour or pay you a roof rent or lease. It has the advantage of being free of worries for you and combined with financial benefits for you. In order to ensure a professional execution we work together with statics offices and experienced roofers. Count the final energy revolution and counteract rising energy costs with your own solar system. Sustainable, safe and financially rewarding!

We will be happy to advise you, starting with the photovoltaic system and suitable power storage units. Various parameters make solar power a better alternative than the normal grid connection: we will be happy to show you this based on a profitability calculation! You can also benefit from our photovoltaic systems for single or multi-family houses, agriculture and haulage companies or support the energy revolution by renting out your roof surfaces. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Based on this information, we can make you an offer for a long-term or advanced lease payment, completely free of charge and without obligations. In addition to our roof surface rental model, discover photovoltaic systems for your single or multi-family home, photovoltaics in agriculture and photovoltaics for haulage companies or car dealerships. Renting roof surfaces has never been easier or more profitable: we look forward to hearing from you!

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